• The Suburban Urbanite

    The Suburban Urbanite

    Welcome! You may have just moved from the city but you’re not ready to give up the city aesthetic. You like clean, crisp lines. Nothing Read More
  • The Timeless Traditionalist

    The Timeless Traditionalist

    A purist at heart… you appreciate the time honored beauty of traditional furniture. Sophisticated, elegant styles evoke a time of gracious living. For you, it Read More
  • The Downsizer

    The Downsizer

    You're ready for a new chapter... the kids have left the nest, the house is now a condo, or you just need a more manageable Read More
  • The New Classist

    The New Classist

    You're an admirer of fine traditional furnishings but now you have your own rules and personal finesse. For you, it's about traditional styles with a Read More
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